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Fanfic: Love For the Devil

I've found one of my older and crappier fanfics. It features Chin Yi Sou raping Hakkai. Don't you just love him when he's being a sadistic asshole?


A dead body on the floor in front of him. He tried to reach but there were bars blocking the way. So close…yet so far away…

The sound of rain pounding in my ears—

Demon blood dripping down his face looked like red tears.

is driving me insane.

A voice behind him spoke softly. “Such a waste of life. She killed herself for you, you know.”

Everything blank as he shoved the blue-haired demon against the bars. Gonou enjoyed the sound of Chin Yi Sou’s entrails spilling on the floor of the prison.


“You’re finally awake.”

Hakkai turned to look at the blond. Sanzo was reading a newspaper again. Randomly, the healer wondered where the monk kept it when he wasn’t reading.

“Where are the others? Hakuryuu?”

The words came naturally to him. He was Hakkai; the healer, compassionate friend, all-around good guy. Gonou was gone; the past. And Hakkai wondered why he still dreamt of that night. But somehow, the words seemed hollow to his ears.

“The pervert went to look for the idiot and Hakuryuu.” The blond folded the newspaper and set it aside along with his reading glasses. Standing up, he stretched and went outside the cave. “I’m going to take a piss.”

Hakkai closed his eyes and lay back down.

He didn’t hear the dull thud as an unconscious monk hit the ground.


Chin Yi Sou smiled. It had been surprisingly easy to hit the monk with the poisoned needle. Granted, it wouldn’t kill him but he would be out for a few hours. The tree branch he had positioned beside the body would look like it had fallen and hit the blond on the head, knocking him out.

Dropping down from the tree where he had been standing, the shinigami approached the entrance to the cave. Hakkai’s sleeping form lay on a blanket.

But in Chin Yi Sou’s mind, it was still Gonou.

He was deliciously stretched out on the white sheet, like a sleeping geisha waiting for the next man to come along.

I can kill you so easily right now, Gonou.

Chin Yi Sou knelt down beside Hakkai. “But killing you isn’t the same as destroying you,” he whispered directly into the shell of one ear. Hakkai was still weak from yesterday’s encounter. Unknown to anyone but himself, Chin Yi Sou had put some powdered poison into the doll that had fired the seed into Gojyo’s body. It had been especially tailored to affect only Hakkai.

How I have waited for this moment.

The shinigami knelt down beside the sleeping form, careful not to wake him up. Quickly but gently, he opened the zipper on the brunet’s pants then pulled of the offending article of clothing. Glancing at Hakkai’s face, Chin Yi Sou quickly disrobed and straddled the healer’s narrow hips.

There were many ways to destroy a person.

Lowering himself slowly onto his forearms so that he was only inches above the fair face, he used a long demon fingernail to rip the youth’s shirt so that it exposed a firm chest.

“Wake up, Gonou,” he whispered huskily into one ear. His tongue came out and then traced its curve.

Green eyes fluttered open then widened slightly. Hakkai tried to push Chin Yi Sou away but the drug weakened his muscles, slowed his actions. The soporific was doing its work well.

The shinigami easily held the healer’s arms above his head with one hand and used the other to force Hakkai’s legs apart.

“No…” Hakkai rasped.

Chin Yi Sou looked down at him with a sadistic smile. “Yes, Gonou. Yes.”

“Please…” The body beneath the blue-haired demon began to struggle but there was a sort of glazed look in the green eyes that looked up into Chin Yi Sou’s.

The shinigami found it so enticing.



Hakkai’s head was swimming, his vision blurring and doubling. Long blue hair tickled his chest as a burning heat forced itself into his body. The disturbing this was, he found that part of him enjoyed what was happening.

Pain erupted into multi-colored flashes before his eyes. He thought he heard himself cry out but a rough mouth clamped itself over his. Teeth sank into his shoulder as the mouth moved lower.


It felt as if Chin Yi Sou was trying to ram his whole body into Hakkai’s. The pain was reaching a new pinnacle as blood served as a lubricant for the rape the demon was committing.


The son of Hyakugen Maoh had always been a sadist. Sounds of pain were aphrodisiacs for him. He groaned and pumped faster as the sound of Hakkai’s weeping reached his ears.

“What are the tears for, Gonou?” he asked softly. He leant closer and licked them away. “Are they for the lives lost that one night so long ago?” Sharp fingernails dug painfully into bare shoulders. “Or maybe it’s only for one person…your beloved Kanan; raped by my father.” Chin Yi Sou laughed. “How amusing that we’re reenacting it right now.”

The demon reached his climax as Hakkai gave his loudest cry yet. The green-eyed youth lay sobbing on the blanket, managing to curl into a fetal position after the blue-haired demon pulled himself out of Hakkai’s body.

The shinigami took a handkerchief from inside the folds of his clothes and used it to wipe away the blood. As he dressed, he watched as the brunette shivered, his eyes blank as if he had withdrawn into a secret place inside himself.

“Until tomorrow, Gonou.”


When the pain finally faded, Hakkai saw that he was alone again the cave. Struggling onto all fours, he slowly and painfully put on his clothes. He found the sewing kit in a corner, probably used by Sanzo to mend a rip in his robes. Quickly, neatly, and efficiently, Hakkai fixed his shirt so that it looked as though it had never been ruined.

The sounds of heavy footsteps caused Hakkai to return the sewing kit to its original place and lie quietly on the blanket in a pretended sleep.

Sanzo staggered into the cave and sat down heavily, rubbing the top of his head where a bump was slightly visible. The monk looked over at the brunet; Hakkai could feel the intensity of purple eyes burning a hole into his back.

Hakkai squeezed his eyes shut. He knew that Sanzo wouldn’t ask him what was wrong though the monk could sense it. He would let Hakkai decide if he wanted to tell anybody.

Tears fell and soaked into the blanket.

There are many ways to destroy a person. Rape is one of them.

My first rapefic. Actually the first part of a series. Hope you enjoyed ^^

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